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Fleur-ish-ment  noun \ˈflər-ish-mənt,





1. Something that flowers or flourishes with joyful abandon. See "fleur"; French for "flower".


2. To grow luxuriantly, or thrive in growth, as in a blossoming plant.


3. To make dramatic, sweeping gestures that extravagantly bedeck your environs.


4. To decorate or embellish (writing, a page of script, etc.) with sweeping or fanciful curves or lines.


5. Sustenance for intellectual and visual domestic delight.



Fleurishment Manifesto:                                                              Inception, September 2012


After decades of mental magpie-ing (intellectual hoarding of any ‘bright and shiny’ inspirations I have come across) interior design ideas, I am letting loose my crafty tendencies upon an unsuspecting world. With blessings from my patient and loving husband (does this suffice for an ongoing apology for the future mess of fabric and paint?) who realizes that this yearning is just too large for our own house to contain…I give you “Fleurishment”.


I will start with handmade and hand-stenciled cushions and pillows that will beautify your home and soften your reclinations. Refurbishing and restoring lamps and lampshades is another passion and will no doubt lead to beautiful adventures. Where will this lead me? Where will this end? I have visions of candles and custom upholstery dancing in my head…this is going to be fun!         


All my best wishes, Maribeth Wilson-Day

P.S. I wrote this several years ago...and look where we are today! 

I am thrilled to be able to offer custom services so that

we can all FLEURISH in our homes!

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