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 My Original Acrylic Paintings

(click on large image to see full paintings)

I've been painting (and decorating, for that matter) for as long as I can remember. 

My father is an accomplished painter, and so it goes...  After graduating from UW with an Art Degree, I practiced Makeup Artistry (and LOVED it!) for over a decade, and moving over to canvas was a natural progression.


I work with acrylics for a variety of reasons (less toxic smelling, easier to clean up, dries quickly or slowly depending on my needs, great color depth) and use brushes, sponges, my fingers or anything else within reach to create the effects that I am going for.  I find that painting is not only an exploration of the mind (and heart!), it's often a problem-solving endeavor that keeps me engaged for hours at a stretch. 


Thank you for coming here to see my paintings!  Please contact me if you have something you wish to have brought to life by my hands.

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