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Wouldn't it be great if every room in your house felt like your favorite room?

Home decorating is going through a revolution.  Not too long ago, if you wanted to have access to high-end design, you ran into the "to the trade" wall.  You were blocked from being able to choose what you wanted, from where you wanted.  Thankfully, this is evolving.


One of the byproducts of our new internet age and HGTV, is the democratization of interior design.  Now, just about anyone can buy anything their heart desires.  From Craigslist to online sites galore, from Home Design Centers to Target...great design has never been more available, accessible and affordable. 


You DESERVE to have your home look beautiful and function well for your busy life!


But how do you make sure that what you buy--wherever you buy it---all works together in harmony to create a living space that makes your heart flutter?  Who acts like that angel on your shoulder, giving you guidance and encouragement and her treasure trove of clever ideas to help your home become a beautiful reflection of your life?


Maribeth Wilson-Day, creator of Fleurishment Design, has been decorating her spaces since she was a youngster growing up in southern Washington State.  Her artistic tendencies partnered with her naturally bossy, (er, "charming") ways trumped most of her parents objections.


Is you home living up to it's full potential for beauty and function?


When a thirteen-year-old takes an interest in the hanging of the paintings and the living room seating arrangement, well no one is too surprised when she eventually makes her way to the vocation of home decorating.  There was a slight detour to get her Bachelor Degree in Art from the University of Washington, and a twelve-year foray into the fashion world of high-end cosmetics, as both Manager and Makeup Artist. 


Maribeth Wilson-Day has the eye of an artist and planning skills of a Field Marshall.


In fact, she considers Makeup Artistry and Home Decoration to be kissing cousins.  "The clients, in both situations, are just wanting to maximise the beauty in their lives.  They want to know how to put it all together for their busy lives.  It is an honor to take that leap of faith with them."  Fleurishment grew out of her natural inability to stop showering her decorating advice on all who were within earshot.


The use of color, texture, and the blending of styles is a particular strength of her designs. 


A real student of interior trends, she is familiar with a wide range of eras, and prefers to mix them with a deft eye for layered effects.  A "lived in" home mixes the new with the vintage in a way that looks curated over time, but it takes a careful eye and clever hand to keep the look fresh and not fusty. 


This is your home, your sanctuary...not a museum or a hotel lobby.  It should reflect what YOU  love, not what someone in a showroom tells you is a matched set. 


Whether a home, a cabin, a condo or your first apartment.... we all need a sofa, some chairs and a place to eat a meal.  Why not make these furnishing and decorating choices ones that give you years of joy?  Why not make sure that the pieces you purchase don't become orphans in the back room because they just don't work together to acheive the look that you desire?


Let Fleurishment Design help you (a little...or a lot!) to bring your personality into your home and arrange your treasures so that they all play nicely together. 


Saving you money, time and sanity--Maribeth truly is a decorating angel on your shoulder!

Fleurishment Design, Maribeth Wilson-Day
Fleurishment Design, Maribeth Wilson-Day
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