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HELP! I'm Moving....

 Don't Worry, Fleurishment Design to the Rescue!

Moving homes is one of life's most exciting (uh, stressful! ) experiences we all have.  

Let Fleurishment Design help you

through with Style!


We offer customized services that smooth the transition from selling your home to

settling into the new one.


Whether you are expanding or editing the space in your new home, Fleurishment Design can give you a plan of action that

brings peace of mind.

As fun as it is to get your home ready for sale, the REAL fun is getting your NEW HOME ready for YOU!!

Click Below to look at Fleurishment Designs Packages to see which one suits you best!

Fleurishment Furniture Boot Camp


This is one workout that will give you

results right away!


$300 for homes up to 3500 sq ft

$400 for homes larger than 3500 sq ft



Furniture Boot Camp is Fleurishment Design's way to get your home ready for the upcoming listing and sale.


Selling your home is vastly different than you living in it.  In order to appeal to the maximum number of potential buyers, you need to make an effort to de-personalize it so that potential buyers can see THEMSELVES living in your beautiful home!  Even in a HOT real estate market, you can increase offers (mutiple offers, YES PLEASE!) and reduce how long you are having to live and "show" you home at the same time which, I think we can all agree, is a major headache!


Different than a Staging Company who brings in furniture for you to rent, Fleurishment Design will work with your existing furnishings and accessories to help showcase it for the broadest appeal to home buyers.  Maribeth will go room by room, and leave you with notes and a plan of action for each space.


Fleurishment Design will spend 3 hours on-site with you to organize, strategize and leave you with a game plan.  Follow up communication will ensure that you understand the recommendations and are "all clear" for a quick sale!

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